Aarambh Montessori House of Children is located at Vasundhra, Row House 1, Sayali Villa, Near Ganaraj Mangal Karyalya, Beside Anjor Society, Lane Number 2, Swati Park, Veerbhadra Nagar, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045, India, we aim to offer all our customers a great experience with Aarambh Montessori House of Children and we would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Need more information, book an appointment or need answers to a question, please feel free to contact us by phone on: You can Call us at our business hour at 086000 18659 or visit our website You can get more information of Aarambh Montessori House of Children by http://aarambhmontessori.in/ .

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Aarambh Montessori House of Children pune

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Shalini Shivram

5 Google Rating

We have been associated with Aarambh Montessori since 4 strong years from the time our daughter join

5/ 5

We have been associated with Aarambh Montessori since 4 strong years from the time our daughter joined it when she was a little less than 2 years of age. It has literally been her “second home” since then. We, as parents have completely believed in this system of teaching / training provided to these young kids. Students are given the happy and carefree environment to develop on their own. They perform the work / activities of their choice under the guidance of a very supportive bunch of guides. All teachers are cordial and courteous. We ( Parents) were literally asked not to guide with the homework/ classwork during Observation of the kids as they are confident to understand and rectify the errors. Hearing to this itself made our lives so easier  The ease in which the young kids grasp the concepts of Maths and reading is so brilliant. I was surprised to see that parents literally need not do anything. Aarambh Montessori is a place where the holistic development of a child is taken care of. As rightly said somewhere – “ Childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child can read, write and count. Childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop at the pace which is right for each individual child” It’s the best decision we had ever taken for our daughter and are proud of it. Best wishes and Kudos to the entire team at Aarambh!

priya v

5 Google Rating

We as parents couldn't have asked for a better 'Aarambh' to my daughter who has been in the school s

5/ 5

We as parents couldn't have asked for a better 'Aarambh' to my daughter who has been in the school since 3 years. The best part of Aarambh is that the school faculty is very approachable and they are very objective in every child's development at their own pace. Being a sensitive parent, I was grappling with how my daughter will cope, but she has not only blossomed well out of her cocoon, but has a mind of her own. Uma, the principal of the school is someone I consider a mentor for my child and will always continue to do so as I am confident that she will always offer unbiased advice to my child. Strongly recommend Aarambh to every parent who wish to explore the best childhood for their children.

Krishnaveni Gadiraju

5 Google Rating

I am proud to say I have a 5 plus years of association with Aarambh. My daughter completed 4 years

5/ 5

I am proud to say I have a 5 plus years of association with Aarambh. My daughter completed 4 years of Montessori from Aarambh and my son will be graduating this year. Aarambh is a true Montessori environment in every sense of the word and it is one of the best decisions I have ever taken for my children. The teachers are so kind and patient that children don't even feel they are being taught something. Kids are free to choose what they want to learn that day and are encouraged to learn at their own pace. Yet my kids developed a beautiful sense of internal discipline. It feels so good to see such small kids in Aarambh happily doing their work by themselves, respecting others work and space and time. We as parents very well know it is not an ordinary task to achieve these kind of habits, while it is done so lovingly and effortlessly at Aarambh. There is absolutely no competition whatsoever, which is very important for children of that age. My daughter is in grade 2 now and she still goes to Aarambh once in a while because she misses the environment, the work material and the teachers. I thank Uma for making Aarambh happen and for bringing together such wonderful teachers who actually care about children and nurture their specific educational needs.

Rajeev Goel

5 Google Rating

As the grandfather of one ex-student of Aarambh who moved on after four years at Aarambh when it gre

5/ 5

As the grandfather of one ex-student of Aarambh who moved on after four years at Aarambh when it grew from a fifteen student school to a sixty students one and another who has now been there for three months, I can vouch for the school as a "hat ke" or off the beaten track true blue Montessori school. During my elder granddaughter's four years at Aarambh when I regularly picked her up after school, often interacted with its founder Uma and other teachers and listened to her chirping on the way back, I could feel the marked difference between the formative schooling she was lucky to have and that her mother, my daughter had, in supposedly the best but only among run off the mill schools. While my daughter's years in kindergarten schools in early eighties were spent being forced to learn what the school decided she must that day, irrespective of her own inclination, aptitude and state of mind and body that day, her daughter, my granddaughter, was fortunate to grow in the totally child centric Aarambh atmosphere in which she could choose what she wanted to do on a given day and excel at it. The four years at Aarambh helped her innate abilities and interests flower and for her to yet be ready for primary school, with all the training and abilities expected by a primary school and perform there with aplomb. In the three and a half months since she started going to Aarambh, the three years old younger one has flourished fast. We can all feel the difference in her personality in such a short time. She loves the school and fondly talks of her teachers and "maushis"/ " tais" on the way back. The proof of the great time she has had in school are ther almost dancing steps as she emerges from the school gate. While waiting to receive her at the school's gate as children emerge one by one, it is a joy to see the blissful expression on the face of each child. I think Aarambh is the only Pune Montessori with all the teachers having undergone genuine Montessori training. As a 68 years old who has seen a lot, my sincere advice to all the parents putting their child in Aarambh and wishing for the child to derive full benefit from her or his years there will be to (both parents) attend all the orientation or similar sessions scheduled by the school and earnestly follow what Uma or other teachers say.

Prachi Pande

1 Google Rating

Not even 1 star. Horrible School!!! My daughter told me she was pinched by the teacher... When we co

1/ 5

Not even 1 star. Horrible School!!! My daughter told me she was pinched by the teacher... When we confronted the principal and the teacher both blatantly denied it and started blaming the child by saying things like she doesnt concentrate she is very difficult to handle etc..let me tell u she is 2... I was baffled that they expected a 2 year old to have concentration and easy to handle...she is a toddler she is as they all are supposed to be... What dissappointed us the most was instead of doing something about the situation they blamed the child... Pls dont send your kid to such an environment where they say children just say whatever they want to justify the teacher's wrongful behaviour... No, children at this age only describe things as they happen to them... Nothing more.This school is all opposite of what montessorri stands for... Montessorri stands for child led education but here its teacher led... They wanted her to complete all the curriculum before their mid term report...I mean she is 2 I dont expect her to do anything really as long as she is a well behaved kid... But this is absolutely teacher led program where teacher gets worried about mid term progress and pressurizes the child... Strongly recommend against this school. When confronted they were very arrogant and tried to brush off the matter as if we were overreacting... From any school one expects responsible teachers and care givers who treat your child with care and not blame them away.

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