The Dining Hall is located at Savoy Hotel, 77, Sylks Rd, Monterosa Colony, Udhagamandalam, Tamil Nadu 643001, India, we aim to offer all our customers a great experience with The Dining Hall and we would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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The Dining Hall ooty

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Pawan Ranga

4 Google Rating

This is a restaurant within the Taj Savoi in Ooty. It is within a heritage building that is as class

4/ 5

This is a restaurant within the Taj Savoi in Ooty. It is within a heritage building that is as classic as it gets. There is ample parking at the location! The restaurant is actually called The Dining Room (not Hall) and it a very cosy and comfortable place. The staff are courteous and attend to you very well. The food portions are quite filling! There is a wide choice of food available and is quite tasty too!

poornima nanavati

5 Google Rating

Hiya!🙋🏻Lets Begin!We hv chosen to stay at a property which is 187years old. Some hv just gone

5/ 5

Hiya!🙋🏻Lets Begin!We hv chosen to stay at a property which is 187years old. Some hv just gone under complete renovation. Ambience:The newly furnished & renovated restaurant is done in dark walnut colur.The wood is nilgiri.The artisocratic seating with the complete look. Chef:Chef arun the exective chef under his mantle has a wonderful esteemed team of chefs.Chef nathan does the breakfast service with wonderful delicaies. Staff:The officating general manager saneej who has come in here as a breath of fresh air. Under the helm of f&b manager mr.omprakash,he has a wonderful team of staff at service. During our stay we savoured in breakfast & dinners.This review comprises of the same. Kerala Thali;This thali can be savoured on request as it isnt part of the menu. Food:Tomato Rasam:This is made with a thin broth of vegetable stock with finely chopped tomatoes.The pepper hits u at the back of the throat & cumin clears ur nasils & coriander gives the depth. Sambharan:A refreshing yogurt drink which is mildly tangy just how i like it flavoured with shallots,ginger & tempering of curry leaves.A must to drink,drink! Pachakari Mango Curry:This is our fav.This is made with raw mango flavoured with 1st extract of coconut milk. Thakkali Murugukka Curry:Its hard to explain. This has a variety of spices and drumstick being the primary vegetable & hint of drumstick leaves bThe flavours tht weave into it & other are grated coconut,cumin,fennel & dry redchilli!Party! BeetrootPachadi:This has beaten curd & beet with shallots & ginger. VazhapouThoran:This is a very seasonal dish at ooty but very common at kerala.This is super-food for women.These r banana flowers.This has shallots,greenchilli,garlic Avial:A mixed country vegetable seasonal ofcourse.It has thick extract of coconut milk,curd,cumin,ginger,shallots. VegStew:This bcmes also a global dish relished by all.Coconut milk 1st extract & whole lot of whole spices!Comforting! Paneer Pollichadhu:This is our veg delight to savour the goodness. The tomatoes,shallots & kokam r used too wrap the cottage cheese in the above and steamed!I cud eat this weekly. PineapplePayasam:This is fruit flavour.This has fruit base,coconut milk,jaggery,cardomon. Kerala paratha:This is layered & flaky flat bread. RedRice:Knwn as matta rice.Its parboiled red rice.Chunky! Asian:This was one of those dinners which stays etched in ur memory.They set up a romantic table in the lawns too SpinachGarlicFriedRice: This had a hint of spinach with garlic just being a hint. Stirfry aubergine in garlic sauce.50% love aubergine,50% dont,so this is a shout-out for the non-lovers.So this has light/dark soy sauce,hint of sugar & hot garlic sauce the minced ginger adds the oomph. Hakka Noodles In Hot Garlic Sauce:This is basics.As we love maggi we love hakka.Its a typical prep with boiled noodles with ginger,garlic,vegetables in soya sauce,chilli sauce & asian spices. Conti:Pesto Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak Spinach:Meat neednt be ur source of protein.This has cottage cheese slab,boiled and cooked spinach shredded with dash of pepper.Pesto sauce adds the needed flavour & sundried tomatoes add depth. Parmeasean Zuchini Boats:These r packed with flavour.Low-carb italian inspired dish topped with cheese coated with bread crumbs.This has onion,garlic,redpepper just bit of part skim mozarella and sharpness of parmeasean Breakfasts:Uttapam with podi masala: Pesaratu:This is made with split green lentil.Pre-soaked.This dish hails from andhra pradesh.This has greenchilli,coriander,ginger in flavours.Light and healthy. Oats Upma:One of the healthiest dishes to start the day.This has carrot,greenpeas,beans,ginger.The fragant tempering of udad dal,chana dal. Ragi dosa:Crisp,healthy.Made with ragi flour,rice flour,added spices & this had cut greenchillies & fresh coriander neatly cut and put.Stellar! Price Factor:700+taxes for breakfast.1400+dinner. Should u visit?Do u like heritage?Do u like place with history?Do u like pleasent weather which is throughout the year!If u hv ticked yes on all the boxes,plan a trip now. Happy Eating!

velu chamy

3 Google Rating


3/ 5


Amel Jolly Kallada

3 Google Rating


3/ 5


rishabh gupta

5 Google Rating

5/ 5

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